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DJ Grind

is one of the most sought-after up-and-coming DJs and producers on the gay circuit. He brings bliss to the dance floor with his firmly anchored uplifting house. His sets blend house, tech-house and tribal beats with strong melodies, progressive synths and euphoric vocals.

Nina Flowers

A talented, charismatic queen who slayed in RuPaul’s Drag Race and went on to become one of the circuit scene’s top rated DJ’s, her style is sick, her beats are intense and her makeup artistry is flawless. Be ready to catch the Nina Flowers fever and melt into the dance floor.

Ivan Gomez

Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Berlin. These are the stomping grounds of this international superstar. His legendary prowess takes you on a trip without ever leaving the dancefloor. His high-energy sets are infused with tribal, progressive and tech house, tinged with uplifting vocals. Tried & true Ivan will have you begging for more!

Dan De Leon

A powerhouse DJ, De Leon blends his unique brand of tribal, tech and house rhythms with a kinetic crowd connection to mesmerizing effect. His magnetic appeal has propelled him around the world, delivering an experience that ignites the senses and leaves in its wake a trail of melodies and memories long after the night has ended.

Tristan Jaxx

spins an immense blend of house, tribal, EDM, progressive and trance music while maintaining a signature sound that is easily identifiable as his own. His sets are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get! Always intense and fun, prepare to get lost in diverse music with one of the most unique dance floor experiences available.

Brett Henrichsen

Always had a passion for dance music. High energy, vocal and progressive dance are what drives his sets and ensure the crowd is bumpin’. Not only is he a tour de force DJ, but he is also a one-of-a-kind promoter whose legendary label Masterbeat continues to take the world by storm.


This Greece native’s style blends tech and progressive house with a touch of tribal percussions and lots of vocals which all relate to love in one way or another. His hard work as a producer and label owner and relentless sets have earned him recognition as one of Europe’s best circuit DJs. The good vibes are endless when GSP is behind the decks.

Mad Waves

This duo hails from sunny San Diego. They bring a breath of fresh air to our festival with their unique blend of deep house, tech house and daytime groove. Fresh, exciting and fun, this pair is hungry and focused on good times, hot sounds and sexy vibes.


Blacklow’s sound is a mixture of old and new progressive house, future house, EDM, tribal, and pop. He blends the old and the new together seamlessly in his sets to create an incredible dance floor journey on every outing.

Noir D Costas

As a newcomer to the stage, Noir has proven himself to be a formidable presence in the music scene. With sexy beats, minimal vocals and a passion for making people groove, he will take you to Ibiza! Techno, deep house and tech house infused with drums are the weapons of choice for this floor filler. This is one artist you won’t wanna miss.

Dawna Montell

This girl’s milkshake brings the boys to the yard! A legend in the LGBT community, Dawna’s versatile style has become a staple at the world-famous Abbey in West Hollywood. Her pop house/tech house fusion keeps the boys and girls movin’ and groovin’.

Danny Verde

European import Danny Verde is a musical prodigy who has worked in all aspects of music, including house remixes, dance-pop production, songwriting and vocalist. With an astounding musical background, his productions and sets influence dancefloors across the globe and have even been featured in the Billboard Top 20.